Hunt Club Farm

My dad wore a suit every day to work for most of my life. It was only when he later took a job in Pungo on a farm that I saw him relax his daily look enough to don a polo. There were days when he had to move shotguns from the morning's hunt to get to his computer to start his day. Similarly, one side of Neil's family lives on a farm in a little city in North Carolina that most people haven't heard of. They grow soybeans, peanuts, corn, and cotton. The first time I went down to visit, this Jewish vegetarian with red hair stood way out. But even as urban as downtown Norfolk is, farms are not so far away from us.

Hunt Club, located just in Virginia Beach is like stepping into the real farm life. The 28-acre farm is family owned and is home to a huge petting zoo, pony rides, and annual festivals. They raise chickens, goats, rabbits, sheep, ponies, birds, zebra, llamas, pigs, and an array of animals. Feed is sold on the farm and the animals have been well conditioned to earn a snack. The chickens can be picked up, and in the aviary the birds will climb all over you. There is also a good sized playground for kids to enjoy. Picnics are welcome in the facility. Admission is $6.00 per person, ages 2 and under are free. They do sell an unlimited pass for $30.00 for a family of 4 annual pass with 4 cups of food for $99.

The farm hosts field trips, birthday parties, and festivals including an Easter Egg Hunt, a Harvest Fair, and a Halloween Festival. Annual pass members receive $6.00 off festival tickets. The market inside sells an array of local plants and novelties which change seasonally.