Subaru Ascent- The Ultimate Cool Mom Mobile

I love little cars. Before having kids, I had a little tiny black bean of a car that I could park anywhere. But one time being stuck somewhere with the baby because of a flash flood, and Neil decided we needed a car that sat up higher . We ended up purchasing what would become the most horrific nightmare of an experience with a dealership that we ever had. We bought from Priority Toyota and it was one terrible mishap after another. I knew if I ever bought a car again (used or new) it needed to be from a dealership that I felt was trustworthy.

(real mom dirty car actual car seats/base photos)
Flash forward to after baby number two. My car was fine for fitting two car seats, but we quickly realized that with the dogs or hauling a grandma around, we didn't have enough space.  So even though we just recently paid off the last car, we found ourselves looking again. I knew I wanted a car that was super safe, that had captains chairs for the second row, but that wasn't so big that I felt uncomfortable driving it. I searched reviews, Youtube videos, safety ratings, and narrowed it down to the Subaru Ascent. I've never owned a Subaru, but from what I understand everyone who has them loves them. Like a cult, the company is easy to get into but hard to leave, and so we took the plunge and bought one.
Here's my favorite features:
  • Eyesight Driver Assist Technology which monitors traffic movement, lane drift assist, pre-collision breaking, and blind spot monitoring. 
  • Drives insanely smooth
  • At First Team, you get free oil changes and inspections for life. The parts and service are guaranteed for life through First Team so you'll only have to ever pay for things once even if you move across the country. There is free towing assistance within 50 miles of the dealership. 
  • Three zones of air conditioning, which can be adjusted to get everyone even in rear facing car seats. Temperature in the back can be controlled by the driver. 
  • Four wheel drive, perfect for the ski trip get away I'm hoping to have soon. 
  • It's easy to get around in. The doors open really wide for car seats. The automatic lift gate is easy to use. The car is easy to drive and park because there are few blind spots. 
  • Not a car feature, but First Team has a section with toys in their waiting room which goes a huge way with me. 
I know this sounds sales pitchy. But my mom even liked it so much that she traded her car in and got one herself. My next door neighbor has one. We are a little fleet of Ascents! I'm loving our change to the mom mobile. We have room to spread out without being terrified to parallel park downtown. The safety features are so important with two little guys in the car. If you're looking for a mom mobile without feeling like you have to commit to the mini van life, I'd totally recommend heading to First Team to check one out! Both my mom and I worked with Morgan, who has a toddler of his own, so he totally gets the "cool mom car" struggle!