Pittsburgh Children's Museum

We were lucky enough to receive a Children's Museum pass as a gift last year, and we have used the reciprocity feature in so many places. We traveled to Pittsburgh for my cousin's wedding and were able to check out some pretty awesome spots including the Pittsburgh Children's Museum.

Walking in, you have a choice to enter the art studio or the Makeshop. Continuing on, you come to the attic, an exploration of gravity and optical illusions. Their gravity room where everything is at a 25% angle is downright dizzying. A highlight for us was the garage, with pullies and levers that controlled balls and parachutes. It had nets to climb on and slides to go down. The changing exhibit right now is a forgiveness exhibit which was a little too old for RT. The second floor has a nursery with a wall size light bright, train tables, and places to dig. The third floor we were totally unprepared for. We walked upstairs thinking that the Waterplay was going to be similar to Marbles, where there were tables of water. When we got off the elevator, we saw kids in bathing suits splashing in water spraying from the ceiling and the walls. Since RT had already seen the water, there was no leaving. Although they had a cover for his shirt, the 38 degree temperature outside didn't go well with the soaking shoes, socks, and pants.
Some things to note. The cost of parking is $7.00. The museum offers free wipes and diapers if you forgot your diaper bag. There are several little areas around the museum with couches where you can sit  with younger babies. The bathrooms are located on the second floor. The museum offers music and art classes throughout the day along with special events during the year. Across the street they have a building for kids ten and up, but we didn't head over. 
Children's museums are always fun because they bring out the kid in all of us! I'll be posting more of the awesome places we visited while there!