4 Months

Month four was a month of new experiences for us all! Ronnie's first long car ride. RT's first experience with motion sickness (six times vomiting in the car). Neil and I found ourselves randomly on a boat in downtown Pittsburgh for a Halloween cover show. We all tried our first pickle pizza (so freaking good) too. Ronnie is now rolling over and sleeping mostly through the night. He shows that he recognizes people with a smile when he hears a familiar voice or sees a familiar face and grabs toys. He is chewing on his hands nonstop and even an occasional foot when he can get them. Little noises have become full on talking. Month four was so.much.fun.

November is arriving which means that the holiday season is almost in full swing! I'm not sure how life could possibly be any busier than it is now, but I know it's coming. For now, we are ready to celebrate Halloween and have some cooler weather!