Two Months

Another month has flown by somehow. Summer seems to have this way of feeling lazy and easy, while the time seems to just slip away. For baby Ronnie this month brought smiles, play mat time, and a slew of firsts. RT is still enjoying showing his brother off to anyone who will listen and snuggling as much as possible. This month Neil started a new job and I returned back to mine. Work on the house continues, but it's really coming along. After dealing with a horrible and shady contractor, it feels so nice to have someone who we trust, who checks in with us daily, who answers his emails and texts, and who is doing an awesome job. Every time we go and look at the house we are amazed with the progress. Neil and I are doing some of the stuff ourselves, and so we often are spending late nights and nap times over there painting. HGTV has this way of making everything look so easy...

 In some ways it's hard to believe the baby has only been with us for two months. In others it feels like he already fits in and has his place in our family. I go back and forth to "I can't believe we have a second kid" to "I can't imagine not having a second kid." It's hard sometimes. I feel bad for RT when we can't go do something or we have to be quiet because his brother is sleeping. Ultimately though, he is so in love with Ronnie that I don't think he minds. Let's hope when he is ten and they are fighting that I can remind them of these moments!
School has started (for teachers!) and getting back in the swing of things is hard, but we are starting to get a routine down. Mornings are a blur of feeding the baby, getting breakfast for RT, getting everyone dressed, trying to throw on a little makeup, feeding the dogs and flying out of the door. The first day I thought I had done so well and I realized on my way to school that my lunch was still sitting on the counter. Whoops. I'll get there! Here's to another month of growth, snuggles, and fun.