One Month

This past month has been a whirlwind. I thought that becoming a mom of two would be double the work, but it's more like quadruple the work. It seems like everyone always needs to eat or poop at the same time. RT is smack in the middle of swim lessons and soccer and being shuffled here and there, which has become infinitely harder with a newborn. Ex: on Tuesday rain was falling from the sky in ways that I can only imagine angry giants dumping buckets of water down below. Cue me trying to wrangle a toddler out of the car while holding a diaper bag, soccer stuff, and the baby in the carrier. Thank God another mama saw me struggling and came to save me with an umbrella, because there are just not enough hands!
Even with the struggle, watching RT become a big brother has been amazing. He tells me almost every hour how much he loves his brother. He shows him off to other people and asks to hold him constantly. When I feed Baby Ronnie, Raleigh wants to hold the bottle. When I change him, he climbs up on the table and watches. (He doesn't volunteer to help with that one.) We read books together and snuggle together and laugh together. It's been awesome watching him.
I've already talked about our living situation here, and we are currently still in the thick of it. We did get out of the contract with the first house and have closed on a different house. However, the house needs a good amount of work, including gutting a kitchen and two bathrooms so we are still living at Bubbie's house. In the end, I'm thanking the universe though because my mom has been an invaluable help with the baby. Neil and I have been painting and working on the house to get the things done that we can do. We have started moving over a few things little by little and hope we can in to the rooms as we finish them.
It's hard to believe I've been a mom of two for a whole month. Summer always has a way of making time stand still and feel easy breezy, but I'm watching the dates fly by and worrying about heading back to school. I remember going back to school after having RT. I was nervous and sad but I had thirteen weeks because of the way maternity leave and summer break fell. I missed my baby, but was happy to be around some adults. This time I don't get a true maternity leave. The six weeks I would have are taken up by the summer. I go back to work in just a few short weeks and little Ronnie seems so small and our time seems so short. I'm just trying to soak in the snuggles and the sun while I still can.