Bug Bite Thing: Review

Product c/o Bug Bite Thing
Summer means no school, pool parties, cookouts, and.... mosquitoes. My childhood can be measured in summers with legs and arms covered in their red, itchy bites. I've got the spray. I've got the candles. I've got the oils. You know what else I've still got? The bites. I seemed to have passed this genetic trait on to RT, lucky for him.

So when I stumbled upon this Bug Bite Thing, I decided it was obviously a bunch of nonsense. The idea is that the tube sucks up insect venom and saliva which is what causes your skin to itch. Unlike other products it does NOT stop you from getting bit, but it does get rid of the itch once you have been bit. Because of this it is reusable forever and claims to work on mosquitoes, bees, wasps, flies, chiggers, sea lice, no-see-ums, and any other insect whose bit makes you itch.
Okay, Okay.... I decided I would... bite. (heh heh heh). The company offers a 100% guarantee, so there really isn't much to lose. The idea is that when you get a bite you put the suction tube on and suck it out. It's super easy... but it does leave what looks like a hickey! After trying it, I'll say that it does reduce the itching enough that I don't want to scratch my skin off my body. Because the bite is still there it still does scab over, and depending on how long the bite has been under your skin you may need to use it multiple times. People online claim that it works better on stings that bites and that you can see the venom coming out, but luckily I haven't had to test that out. RT isn't afraid of it, and doesn't mind me doing it on him. He even laughs because he likes the sound it makes. Like I said, it doesn't prevent the bite from happening, but it does seem to reduce the itching some. If I was a camping mama, I'd be sure to keep one of these in my bags. I love finding stuff that other mamas can use, so I'm passing this info along! Check it out if like us you can't seem to fight off the bugs!