Bay Oaks Park

For my first ever solo park trip with two kids we headed to the new Bay Oaks Park in Norfolk. This park has been a long time coming, with arguments between the city and the Bay Oaks Parks committee. The 11 acre park sits on Ocean View Ave adjacent to the new Bay Oaks neighborhood.
The park has two small parking lots, neither of which were full. The play structures are themed with a woodsy feel, with frogs, turtles, bears, squirrels, and raccoons. There are three main areas, a smaller structure for younger kids, a larger structure for bigger kids, and a swings section. There are baby swings, big kid swings, and even handicapped accessible swings. Around the perimeter of the park are several covered picnic shelters. Large trees give good amounts of shade, and new trees have been planted to give more in later years. Around the outside of the park is a walking trail with some exercise stations. My only complaint about the park is that benches for parents to sit on were few and far between. Everything was clean and in pristine condition. We love trying out different local parks and getting a ton of energy out. It makes for an excellent nap time for RT, which means a break for this mama!