A Letter Before Your Third Birthday

I started writing these letters before birthdays, so that one day RT can pull them out and read them. Our lives are often a whirlwind of school, work, swimming lessons, exploring new places, and trying to have a decent meal in the mean time. It's nice sometimes to slow down and reflect on the last year and put into words what I'm looking forward to with RT for the coming year.
Dear RT, 
This past year has flown by. I can't believe it's time already for me to write this. Tomorrow you turn THREE! Since your last birthday you've started going to school five days a week, something that I was both nervous and excited for. While your vocabulary has increased exponentially, you still sometimes cry when we drop you off and it breaks my heart. You have learned all of your letters, and counting to at least twenty. You know every type of construction truck there is.  You've discovered trains and became obsessed. We took you to your first monster truck show, and you got your first dental x-ray when you jumped at the playground and hit your tooth. We took you to your first show and you caught your first fish. You skinned more knees, got more bumps on your head, and learned how to make us even more nervous. 
This coming year is going to bring huge changes, and I worry that with the addition of a baby brother, you'll get jealous and feel left out. I worry that you'll learn to say your R's correctly and lose the baby W sound. I worry that you wont get to spend as much time out doing things and running around because of the new baby. But I also know, that you're excited for baby brother to come, and that you can't wait to be a big helper.
I also know that as you get older and more aware of the world, you'll be more aware of what's going on outside of it. It can be a scary place, but if I've learned anything since you've been born, it's that it is also so full of so much love. Your family is so happy you're here, and we are all so in love with you. You light up all of our worlds, and we couldn't imagine life without you. Here's to another year of light, love, and laughter. Bring on the three's!