She Works Hard For The Mommy v.7

Hi! My name is Boo Alejandro and I am an entrepreneur, illustrator, calligrapher, reading tutor,  military-wife and most recently, MOM! I love color, Mexican food, warm and breezy days, good music, lattes, Instagram stories and laughter.

Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, I studied Special Education and Reading Instruction at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. I met my husband, Hector, on Tinder (swipe right) in September 2013 and I adored him from date number one.

I was a Special Education teacher in North Carolina and loved it. I hold the memories of the classroom close to my heart but upon getting married and moving to Norfolk, Virginia in June 2016, I knew that new adventures were on the horizon.

In December 2016, I founded Boo Alejandro Designs where I am the creative director. I specialize in watercolor illustrations and calligraphy/hand-lettering and I LOVE it.

My custom artwork includes house portraits, family portraits, military portraits, invitations, calligraphy signage and beyond. One customer favorite is my Norfolk map that can be customized to include your most favorite local landmarks.

I also teach calligraphy classes to help people of any skill level learn how to bring their own style to lettering. I have one coming up April 17 at the Annex in Virginia Beach. I have been a lover of design and art for as long as I can remember and launching my business has been such an incredible outlet for my creativity. To remain connected to my love for education and kids, I also work as a reading tutor for early-elementary aged students. My hustle is a little all over the place and I would not have it any other way.

Hector and I had plans to wait a little bit before having kids but the universe had other plans. I found out I was 9-weeks pregnant a week after our 2-year wedding anniversary – surprise! Despite it being a little earlier than we originally planned, we were thrilled. On January 13 of this year, we welcomed our son Éver and life has bloomed with a sweetness that we didn't know possible.

Time management has become a whole new beast now that I have a little one who soaks up all of my attention. It is hard to not get distracted by that freakin’ cute little mug! Mama business life has been a new challenge but oh so worth it. I love to bring art to life for my clients. Becoming a mother has multiplied my creativity in ways I could have never imagined.  Running a business and being a mom is all types of beauty and all types of crazy. I am so forever grateful that I am able to experience the beauty and crazy of both.

Thanks Boo! Boo and I actually met when I took one of her classes! I hope you'll check one out. I've ordered THREE of her Norfolk prints as gifts for people, and I'm thinking of getting a family portrait done once baby brother comes! If you're interested in her class, check it out here