Purple Strides Tidewater 2019

Pancreatic Cancer is a real beast. You'd be amazed at how many people have told me in the last year and a half that a loved one of theirs fought and lost the battle with it. And yet... it's one of the least publicized cancers. Why? Is it because people don't survive, so there aren't survivor walks and basketball games and celebrations? Is it because people die so quickly that their friends don't have time to rally? Is it because it comes painfully, swiftly, and seemingly overnight, and then the people are gone without much warning?

The Purple Strides Tidewater group is looking to change that. Since we have gotten involved, our team, Team Hurwitz has raised over $40,000.00 to help better understand this poorly understood and rarely survived disease. We have done yard sales, zumbathons, book sales, mermaid hunts, purple outs, bake sales, and anything else we could think of to raise this money.When my dad passed away, it literally was life changing for me. I could go on and on about what a great dad he was or how unfair it is that RT has no grandfathers left. I could talk about how much I miss his being around, or the times that I wish he was here... but putting the focus on a way to fight helps it hurt a little less.  My family, my friends, my coworkers, even strangers have worked so hard to raise this money and I can't be more thankful that they did.

The Purple Strides Tidewater is the annual 5k which is the culminating activity for the year. Every year they have DJs, activities for kids, a warm up, and then we hit the pavement and get a little exercise. I had hoped to run it this year, but somehow with the third trimester pregnancy and the sciatica pain, I just don't see it happening. Next year though- I'll try.... to run... at least some of it. (I say this because I already know a certain mama and daughter running team that will hold me to this.)

If you'd like to donate to our team this year, it's easy to do at our site. If you know someone with Pancreatic Cancer or whose loved one has it, reach out to me and let's see what help we can get them. If you'd like to join our team or volunteer at our events, we would love to have you! And if you want to walk with us tomorrow... please join us! You can sign up at the event and we will have a tent with Team Hurwitz on it!

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