Toddler Tuesday Tech Edition v.1

It's March. It's cold. It's rainy. It's hard sometimes to get outside. So this month, every Tuesday I'll be sharing a website or app for Tech Tuesday that you can use with your toddler. I'm really excited for today's  post. This is a website that I use regularly in my classroom and it's awesome for home use too. It is totally FREE and awesome! So while this one isn't a fully educational website, it does have counting and songs to promote literacy. They also have science and social studies, health, and even a Spanish section. There are videos on enhancing focus, managing stress, and even building compassion. Most of the site though, just encourages to get up and MOVE. 
Kids or parents can pick either by the type of movement- balance, locomotor skills, coordination, fine motor, gross motor, cross lateral, and so on, or by the type of video. The videos include guided dance, yoga, stretches, workouts, brainercise and more. There is also a section called "indoor recess" that is a mega mix of it all! 
Image result for go noodle
If you head over to the channels section, you'll see Zumba Kids, KooKoo Kangaroo, Kids Bop, and MooseTube which are the favorites for us. In the video above the guys dancing singing Popsico is KooKoo Kangaroo, and this song will forever be a reminder of three (former) third grade boys who I love. I can see them doing the dance in my head whenever I hear it! This is great for little guys, even if they are at home in their living room and not in a classroom. Get ready, to get sweaty!