Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

This weekend for the first time, I attended an event with monster trucks. I guess this was just one of those things in the world for me that I never felt like I needed to see and didn't understand the appeal, but after watching RT's face while a fire breathing metal T-Rex ate and ripped apart a car, okay... it's kinda cool!

So monster trucks are loud.... like, really loud. Like, feel it in your seat when they are right in front of you loud, but the kids around us were all wearing the noise canceling headphones, and most of the adults had ear plugs. I just wore the regular "my husband is snoring I can't sleep" ear plugs and I was fine. Also, I didn't see any kids around us that seemed to be scared or crying because of the noise. 
The show that we went to started at 7:30, a little bit late for a toddler, but actually RT wasn't phased by the time at all. Scope has apparently redone their seats where we were sitting, which was a welcome change. The MC did a good job of walking around the crowd and having people participate, and I thought that the tickets were reasonably priced. They said "see you next year", so I'd imagine the tour comes around annually. We would go again!