Menorah Lighting: Mount Trashmore

We had the best time on the first night of Hanukkah! Hanukkah lasts for eight nights and is about spreading a little light into the world at what can be a dark time. (Literally dark because it's winter and unfortunately, this year has been a particularly dark year for the Jews.) It's also about a small army standing up for what they believe in, and fighting against what's wrong. I always joke that it is the most punk rock Jewish holiday, but seriously- it is. Even the smallest group can make a difference.

We chose to light the first lights this year with 200 others at Mount Trashmore with dancing, singing, food, and fun. There were balloon animals, coloring stations, the traditional latkes (potato pancakes fried in oil) and Sufganiyot (donuts) were served, and a DJ played Hanukkah songs. When I say that RT danced, I mean that the combo of the sugar, the light up dreidel bracelets, and the techno versions of Hanukkah songs worked together to create a dance machine that I had never seen before.

At sunset we chanted the blessings together led by a local Chabad Rabbi. Chabad is also the organization who put on the Home Depot Menorah building that I wrote about last year. If you're curious at Jewish holidays, they have some events that you may want to check out. Hoping everyone has a Hanukkah filled with light and love!