Cinema Cafe

My first movie was at the Naro. I don't remember it, and I am sure RT won't remember this trip, but I do remember my dad talking about how much fun we had. It was a showing of 101 Dalmatians, and we sat in the balcony. Those who know me outside of the internet, know that I'm a huge cry baby. So, you can imagine that when I thought about that today I had a good cry once the lights went down at this movie.

We were going to the Pembroke Cinema and CafĂ©. What I had experienced in the past was that the tickets were super cheap, the movies were ones that were no longer in theaters, and you sat in rolling chairs at tables where you could eat. But when we walked in, we were shocked. The whole place has been transformed. The tables and rolling chairs are gone, and they have been replaced with reclining chairs with small desk-like tables on each chair. You select your seats when you purchase and head inside. Also, the movies are movies that are current. I won't lie; I was a little worried that RT wouldn't sit through the movie, and I had brought coloring books and stickers for sitting at the table, so I was a impressed, but a little worried.
We ordered the pizza, popcorn, soda combo, which turned out to be way too much food for just the three of us, but it was tasty. The popcorn comes with a container of butter that you can add yourself. R sat in my lap which was nice to have the extra tray for the large pizza. 
Cinema Cafe is locally owned and has several locations all throughout Hampton Roads. They have monthly sensory friendly movies and you can rent out a theater for occasions. They allow birthday parties to come in 45 minutes before the movie starts to do cake and gifts. Be sure to find the booster seats if your little one needs one. Also, sign up for their email list on their website and they will mail you a coupon for a free bucket of popcorn. They update their movie times and shows every Wednesday. 
So, the results... RT did sit through the whole thing. We saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. Halfway through he got a little squirmy and then about thirty minutes before the end he was moving around again. But even with the squirming, he didn't make noise and didn't bother anyone. He happily ate the popcorn and pizza and told us that he had a good time. It was a lovely way to spend a cold and kinda rainy Saturday morning. 
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