5 Reasons You Should Go to the Zoo When it's Cold

Our zoo gets ton of attention in the summer. The splash pad is a huge hit and draws in tons of people, but wintertime at the zoo can be really special too. Here's why you should check it out.
1. Some of the animals who are not active in the summer are out and about in the winter. Usually this includes the bigger animals, but we saw some little guys who were super busy also. The large cats like the tigers and cheetahs seem to love this weather. (This was the first time I've seen the cheetahs do anything but sleep!) 
2. It's the perfect way to get out some energy and get a little exercise. I know that I have listed a bunch of indoor play areas this winter, but sometimes, you just need to get outside and move. We love using the zoo as a way to walk around. RT can now pretty much walk the whole thing without the stroller. 
3. No crowds! Y'all- I got the best parking spot I have ever gotten at the zoo when we went the other day. Right.Up.Front. This never happens! I've been in the summer when I get there before it opens and I'm still close to the last row. But in the winter, you've got your pick of spots. The whole place is yours, so you don't have to fight to get your kid a spot to see the animals or worry about how many people are around. Space to run! Space to see! Space to play! 
4. Keeper chats- Although they don't do the Garden Tales or Zoo Tales during the winter, they do offer keeper chats throughout the day where you can ask questions, see the animals eating, and sometimes get a closer look. 
5. If it's still too cold for you, you can always check out the new indoor reptile house. Neil isn't a fan of snakes, but the new reptile house has aquatic animals, monkeys, and is even getting a sloth soon. So even if you don't like the creepy or crawly, be sure to check it out. It's heated and indoors so everyone can handle it.

We love getting out and exploring, and I love that my family gifts us passes so that we can do it often! In Virginia, you never know when the weather is going to be icy cold or suddenly warm, but we love out cold days too!