Hampton Roads VegFest 2018

When I heard about Veg Fest, I knew immediately that I wanted to go and eat everything. Literally... one of everything. You see, when you don't eat meat, there is usually one or two things on a menu that you can pick from. But this was a place where every single thing was an option. So I quietly clicked "interested" in this festival early in 2018, and patiently waited for it to come. But on Sunday morning, there was no taming the excitement.
There were so many more vendors and people than I expected. There was live music, cooking demonstrations, lectures, a yoga zone, an adoptable avenue, a kid zone, a creator's corner, a beer garden, and so many food vendors.
The kid zone had all kinds of games and arts and crafts, but also had a different contest every thirty minutes. From banana bingo, to hot potato, and fake food fights, it rotated and stayed busy.

We spent most of our time over by the food. Tamarind had my favorite dish of the day, but we also had tacos, mac and cheese, bbq sandwiches, plantain salad, shrimp and grits, potato salad, a jerk chicken bowl and a cinnamon roll. (Split between three adults and two kids- haha!) The lines were long and there seemed to be a delay at the start, but I'm chalking that up as a win and taking it to mean that so many people are interested in vegan food that there were back ups! I would say next year, I'm not getting there right when it opens though. Several vendors were not ready, so I'll wait an hour before coming.
R was happiest running around in the sunshine with his buddy, listening to the music, and watching the trains go by between bites of food. We sat in the beer garden watched the band Static Collector from Norfolk, who were really good, and reminded me of an old school indie Death Cab.

Nice to be needed, even as just a chair. 

I love these kinds of events. Supporting local vendors, local restaurants, and listening to local music. An awesome way to spend a Sunday.
If you're looking to try vegan food, check out these places in Hampton Roads (as copied from the paperwork today, but I've tried several of these!)

  • Yorgo's Bageldashery 
  • Pelon's Baja Grill (best salsa ever, tacos are great, guac is awesome!)
  • Pasha Mezze
  • My Vegan Sweet Tooth 
  • Kahiau's
  • Tap House Grill
  • Hell's Kitchen (bbq pizza is super good)
  • Cogan's Pizza (AND they have my favorite Ace Perry cider)
  • Ynot Italian 
  • Le Bella
  • Your Pie
  • Mellow Mushroom 
  • Bangkock Garden (a favorite of mine)
  • Kajput Indian Cuisine (monthly vegan buffet!)
  • Kotobuki (so many choices!)
  • Mr. Shawarma (falafal is one of my favorite foods!)
  • Fruitive
  • The Green Cat 
  • Although not on their list... Orapax, Tortilla West, Yard House, Sugar Shack, Pie-o-neer Pizza, Jikonia Cafe, Bodacious Bakehouse, Charlie's Cafe, California Burrito, Cilantro Bangladeshi Bistro, Brixx Pizza, just to name a few!