Explore Virginia State Parks One Step At A Time

Another under-used feature of Norfolk Public Libraries:  If you are interested in the outdoors, you can use your library card to check out a back pack with lots of great stuff for taking your little ones hiking. First, there's a pass that will get you in FREE to all the state parks in Virginia. Then, there are suggested activities with some cool tools that kids will love: a bug catcher, a butterfly net, and a magnifying glass.
There are lots of help included for the parents too. There's a sheet that tells you where to find the parks online and how you and your family can participate in a state-wide Trail quest. You get a pin for each one you visit.  There's a sheet on how to get the most out of your visit, along with activities and suggestions on things to do while there. There's a bunch of guides about bugs, slugs, birds, and mammals, as well as trees and wildflowers. (Although I often try to forget that there are bugs there...) 

Not all libraries have these so check with your favorite one to see if they have them. You can check these out for two weeks so there's plenty of time to go on a trip across the state! If you live in another Tidewater city, call your library and see if they have this! Happy hiking!