She Works Hard For The Mommy v3

I'm Jessica, the owner and creator of HBC Organics. HBC Organics is an organic skincare company that is chemical free and organic. I make all the products myself & pride myself on the quality clean products I'm providing for families not only locally but all over the United States. I also am a two time cookbook author.
I was in school for nutrition and learned about making cold process soap. I spent the last $20 my then fiance (now husband) and I had in our bank account and made a batch of soap. I sold 8 out of the 10 bars and made more. Eventually I started figuring out how to make body butters, face washes, and more. Almost all of my products are baby and toddler friendly. Almost all of my products are toddler friendly. These are my baby/toddler products:
  • Baby Butter- baby lotion, thicker than lotion but thinner than body butter.
  • Butt Butter- a zinc oxide diaper rash cream.
  • Baby Wash- a head to toe body wash.
  • Baby Oil- a moisturizing, calming baby oil.

I'm always doing a lot of trial and error experiments to figure out how to make another product. My nutrition school also lead me to learn a ton about nutrition and wellness. I was always posting healthy recipes. After a few years my husband and I put a cookbook together. My cookbooks are family friendly! There are lots of simple meals, toddler friendly recipes, and more.

All of my other products are great for moms. I like to look at quality self care. A lot of moms love my body butters, scrubs, and bath bombs. They are a great way to pamper yourself even when you're on a budget. 
I make all my products myself, so balancing being a mom and working is a challenge. When my first son was born, I was constantly trying to juggle working and being a mom. I ended up being a stressed out mess quite a bit of the time. Once my second son was born, I decided to set working hours. I have my oldest in a Montessori preschool program three days a week. Then I bring my youngest home and I work for a couple hours while he plays with the pots and pans in my kitchen. We are starting to come to the point where my youngest will have to go to a sitter's house probably one or two days a week so I can keep up with my sales.
My biggest challenge is separating work from home. When your work is at your home, it is easy to say, “Oh well I will just answer these emails real quick while the kids are watching Daniel Tiger” but then I will find myself answering emails and following up on leads for hours. If I need extra time to get work done, I will have my husband take the kids out for ice cream or to the zoo for a couple hours on the weekend so I can catch up.

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