Meal Tip Monday

Meal tip Monday! This one is all about spinach! This gorgeous photo comes straight to you from the Schwarz kitchen. Here's how to make this delicious pesto and read on for our healthy TIP:

  • Fresh basil, EVOO, fresh garlic, big squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper to taste, a few mild nuts (optional, but you can use pignoli, walnuts, or sunflower seeds), a little Parmesan cheese - throw it in a blender or food processor! THEN ADD TWO GIANT HANDFULS OF SPINACH! No one can tell it's in there (it's already green) and you've added lots of raw nutrient value.
Serve with zoodles, protein pasta, regular pasta, anywhere!

Do you eat pesto? What do you eat yours with? The mamas responded!

  • LOVE pesto! My go-to way to serve pesto, or any type of pasta sauce really, is over spaghetti squash - you still get that noodle-ish texture. The rest of my family loves pesto with tortellini. Tortellini is a staple for the girls in our house.
  • I’ve made a broccoli pesto before! Same idea, get the broccoli in without anyone knowing! It actually had great flavor and stronger consistency than regular pesto.
  • Spinach pesto is a big hit in our house! We also like it over spaghetti squash or zoodles. I hid spinach last night in this "mac n cheese" which my husband thought was pesto. It was so so creamy. It was definitely better after adding some Parmesan.
  • Pesto is a weekly staple in our house (spinach, olive oil, garlic and parm, basil if I have it) I’ve used kale too, but it’s not as sneaky.
  • Love pesto at our house too! When I make my ‘healthy chicken Parmesan’ (pan grilled chicken instead of breaded), I put a spoonful of pesto on top of the chicken, before putting the marinara and mozzarella on top. I like the idea of adding spinach to it!!
  • My kids like this kale pesto and goat cheese pasta. 
  • Love all things pesto! Turkey is so boring and it's the only meat I really eat so I learned quickly to dress it with something and it becomes delicious. However my choice used to be mayo/aoli or ranch and we all know that's not a great choice compared to something actually nutritious like pesto so I've made the switch for a long time:) my toddler has loved it and it allowed me to sneak avocado onto her sandwiches too. Yummmmm

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