Fall Wish List

It's that time again! Online window shopping! Here are some of my current fall favorites for being a toddler mama!

  • 1- Perfect for hot lunches. R is going to school five days a week now (crying!) so I want to send him with some hot lunches to switch it up! 
  • 2- to become the favorite classroom parent, send these in! They are not on the school supply list, but are some of the most useful things in the classroom. Plus, with these your kids wont get as sick this year! 
  • 3- For easy lunch packing! These have awesome reviews and everyone says they don't leak. They also fit a whole sandwich in the big part. 
  • 4- A light windbreaker 
  • 5- I've heard so many good things about this! There is even a facebook group that supports you while you go through each step. 
  • 6- Sweat wicking, which R needs! 

1.This is my birthday wish! I'm super ready for this! It has great reviews even from people with dogs and kids! 
2. Summer may be over, but I'm ready for nights sitting in the backyard under these lights. 
3. How cute is this Halloween wreath!? 
4. Ahhhh- I love this shirt! It's right up my alley! 
5. OH! and these are not on the list for ME, but I want them for my classroom! 

That's it! What's on your fall favorites list?!