Kids Bowl Free: Pinboys

Bowling alleys across the country have come together to create the Kids Bowl Free program, which helps provide kids with something safe and free to do over the summer. Each day, every kid ages 2-18 can bowl two free games. The only thing that they have to pay for is the shoe rental. (Honestly, it may be worth buying some if you're going often, but ours were just $4.00 to rent!) If you want to join your kids, I'd recommend buying their family pass for a one time fee of $34.99 If you enter the code july25, you'll get 25% off too.

Kids can use both bumpers and the bowling ramp for no extra charge to help them. Honestly, I should have used the bumpers too. My bowling is not great. At the end, his score was higher than mine! In the Tidewater area, this is offered at Hampton Century Lanes Bowling Center and Pinboy's at Hilltop.
At Pinboys, they have a snack bar that has both breakfast and lunch/dinner options. There are several kids' meal choices on the menu. Be sure to either download their app or check your email before you go because weekly coupons come out too. This week's was $5.00 off of a large pizza. Pretty good. 
R was excited to push the ball, but he was equally excited to watch the ball come out of the return. Lots of shouts of "Yay!" and squeals of joy when he saw it coming. Sometimes the things that excite this kid make me laugh, but at long as he is having fun, I guess that's what matters! 
Be on the lookout for the green pins. If one is the head pin and you get a strike, you'll get a coupon for a free game of bowling. R actually did this, and I was shocked! Also, Pinboys offers lots of birthday party packages, bowling leagues for kids and adults, and themed nights, so check their website for the list of items. We can't wait to return before the summer ends! Maybe I'll actually knock some pins down this time.