2 Year Molars

Let's talk the about the devil that is the two year molars. My awesome eater and perfect sleeper has been thrown into a tizzy because of these things. They may be the last teeth to come in, but I think they are the worst.
Last night R (and therefore myself) was up from 12-4. I tried rocking, I tried singing, I tried all the mom things. Nope. I finally had Neil come in and switch with me. Around six R fell asleep on the floor and Neil was able to sneak out. On the floor y'all. I live and breathe by a schedule and had planned to go to stroller strides this morning, nope. R is still asleep on the floor. Now, don't get me wrong. I know things come up. I know kids have their own schedules and don't live around ours and all that. But mama also has things to do! Even more importantly, this mama is TIRED!

Also, food is pretty much nonexistent. If it isn't ice, a popsicle, or a smoothie, it isn't happening. Expect these monsters on top between 25 and 33 months. On the bottom at 23 to 31 months. All of this to say, if you're going through this, you're not alone. If you have already gone through it, I'm so happy for you, and if you haven't gone through it yet... well... good luck!