Pinot's Palette

It’s Mom’s Night Out addition on the blog! Or probably more appropriately named Mom’s Afternoon Out.  Aunt Chelsea here again.  You may remember me from the blog post about Alphabetical Dates or seen me in various pictures with R. I am here to tell you about Pinot’s Palette.

 As the name suggests, this place is all about wine and painting. The reason that Pinot’s Palette stands out from other paint night events is it has a stable location, which gives you more room to work than the random bar or restaurant where other patrons watch you paint (which occurs in many other paint night scenes), and they have Paint Your Pet. Paint Your Paint is where the studio prints a black and white photograph of your precious four legged (or two legged or no legged) best friend and guides you on how to paint it into a masterpiece. I am NOT an artist. I am too impatient and easily frustrated with my own inabilities. However, I have done Paint Your Pet night twice and both times my painting has turned out phenomenally. Many times, people don’t believe I painted it myself. My painting is the one of the German Shepard.

Now, Pinot’s Palette is a little on the pricey side, so this is an every so often night out. It was about $60 for this particular session, but they have cheaper sessions for other paintings. Additionally, you are allowed to have two complimentary glasses of wine while there and allowed to bring however many snacks you want. I recommend the moscato; it is delicious. The painting session for this project was 3 hours.

Some other ways to participate in Pinot’s Palette are…

·      Using their Mermaid Room, which you can book for private parties including baby showers. They have some excellent group painting ideas that you can paint and then give to the mom-to-be for the nursery.

·      Kid’s Camp – this year Pinot’s Palette is pairing with the Mambo Room to offer a camp that includes crafting in the morning and dancing in the afternoon. The kids get to take home a craft every day.
·      Plus, many other projects besides the Paint Your Pet. To check out what they have coming up, check on their website or their Facebook page. Link is included.