Here Be the Dragons!

The Virginia Aquarium has a section of rotating exhibits, and right now it's full of dragons. When we first walked up, R said "nooooo" and ran back out, but after a little coaxing he was ready to see what was inside. The exhibit shows how dragons have had an effect on different cultures, from Asian to Medieval, and even Harry Potter (my favorite!). For Harry Potter fans, check out info about Hogwarts. The exhibit even has a basalik... just don't look it in the eye!

I'm the year of the dragon, and according to this exhibit, I'm all about power and luck. I'm also very wise. I'll take it! Ha.
There were lots of lizards, and the exhibit questioned if dinosaur fossils helped to start the dragon myth. One thing that I found weird was the legless lizard- because in my mind, that's a snake? But nope- there are such things!

Be sure to check out the Dino Dig section and the puppet show area!
The exhibit is here until September 2nd, so be sure to catch it if you're close by! Of course we walked through the rest of the museum while we were there. Between the nature walk and all of the excitement, these boys were exhausted by the time we got to the car! Neil, R, and I all had a nice long nap when we got home.