Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids

Haircuts can be scary for kids! They sit in a strange chair, under a bright light, surrounded by sharp instruments and things that buzz. They get sprayed with water and have weird smelling stuff on them. If they use a hair dryer, it's hot air and noise all in one.
Let's start with what I love about this place even before going - they take appointments. This is so valuable to busy moms who have equally busy toddlers who can't sit forever waiting. Once we got there, the people were friendly and welcomed us in. R had thrown up in the car (what's with him throwing up on the way to places? Never on the way home) so we rushed in to the bathroom to clean it up. They didn't even blink an eye.

They let him pick out a chair, which was a big choice - the choice between the cars and planes, and then a show on Netflix. They let him decide if he wanted a cape, let him touch the tools before using them, and even let him spray the spray bottle. The whole experience was quick and painless. There were no tears.

After he got a balloon, we let him play on the little play set. He also insisted on getting in several of the other cars, and then he cried and kicked when it came time to leave. From what I've read from everything, kids fight going into getting their hair cut, or while it's happening, not when it's time to leave!

They do have a grown up chair where moms and dads can get a haircut while their child does, which I love. They also offer shampoos in possibly the cutest shampoo sink ever and lots of kid approved products. One was a color gel that I almost walked away with.

And... the end result, I think he looks like a grown man! 

Kid cut: $17.95
Kid cut and shampoo: $20.95 
Teen cut: $18.95
Bang Trim: $6.95
Braiding (per 15 min) $8.95 and up
Hairstyle (per 30 min) $18.95 and up
Baby's First Haircut Package $21.95
Mommy Cut $25.95
Daddy Cut 19.95 

A few tips! Be on the lookout for coupons, which come out regularly. Also, consider getting the 5 for $75 card for a savings of $14.75. Weekends are their busiest times, so if you can sneak in on a weekday you'll be set. You can make an appointment online, over the phone, or via the app. The app will soon give loyalty points too. Lastly, be sure to like their facebook page where they regularly have giveaways!