Airplane Overlook: NBG

I was amazed to have people respond to our Norfolk Botanical Gardens post with questions about the Norfolk Airport runway overlook. So, this summer I've decided to elaborate more specifically on some of our favorite places at the gardens. The overlook is on the far side of the main parking lot. If you travel away from the rose gardens you'll come across a path. There are steps, or you can walk around to the ramp.
There is a radio tower where you can actually hear what the pilots are saying. If you look up the incoming and outgoing flight schedule you can time it right to be there when lots of planes are coming and going. 

I love this stop as a mom for a few reasons. It's safe and secluded from lots of other people. There is a fence around the platform. There is only one way in, and one way out. There are benches to sit on. Another great thing, you can bring a picnic and snacks for everyone. Most of all, it's easy to keep kids entertained because there is lots going on. 
We were even so close that the pilots waved goodbye to us, and people coming in waved hello! Pretty cool.