Tickle My Ears: Chrysler Museum

Let the WILD RUMPUS BEGIN! Tickle My Ears is a story and art program at the Chrysler Museum of Art in downtown Norfolk. If you've never been to the Chrysler, it is beautiful, and FREE! On the first Thursday of every month the Chrysler holds their Tickle My Ears program. There are two sessions, 10:30 and 11:00, each session lasting 30 minutes.
The program begins with a story in front of a piece of connected artwork. Afterwards there is a craft. For this session we read the famous "Where The Wild Things Are" in front of art with their own wild things. The reader did a good job of asking questions and keeping the kids engaged.

Then we went into the arts and crafts room and made our own crowns in honor of Max from the story. There were stickers and crayons for the kids to use. Then we tied them closed with ribbon.
Outside of the arts and crafts room is a little toddler area with books, bean bag chairs, and an interactive magnetic wall. R loves the magnets on our fridge and dishwasher, and I think if I had let him he would have played a lot longer.

Also, shout out to the city of Norfolk for always having construction vehicles nearby.
I can see us returning to this once summer is here. I'd like to spend a little more time exploring the museum with R once he is a little older too. If you've never been, check out their glass exhibit. It's beautiful!
(Yes, I know this is like, the same pic from above. but in this one I'm actually looking!)