Paw Patrol Live: X Barks the Spot

When you add puppies and trucks together, you pretty much have the perfect mix. We did a Paw Patrol Live giveaway on the blog, and actually met some of the winners there. Hi! Lovely sitting with you!

This was our first real trip to a theater. I wasn't sure how R was going to do, but it is a theater full of kids, so I figured even if fussed, he wouldn't be the only one. I was worried because I knew that the Chrysler is sometimes strict with their food policy. But not only did they let us bring in food, they were selling cotton candy and snow cones among other food. They sold all kinds of blinking and flashing toys, and of course all kinds of Paw Patrol merchandise. We had to talk Bubbie down from buying several things that we "needed". There were several spots around for photo ops, and even professional photographers for those interested.

The running time of the show was 85 minutes with a 10 minute intermission. I felt like they could have cut it a few minutes shorter because kids all around us were starting to get fussy towards the end and parents were pulling them out, but lots of older kids were fine. To my surprise, R didn't make a PEEP the entire show. He waved his pirate flag and clapped, which caused me to cry for the first 30 minutes of the show.... I'm emotional, always! There was lots of singing and dancing and at the end they encouraged the kids to stand up and dance with them. This weekend we celebrate this big man turning two, so it was the perfect start to our weekend. It was also fun seeing so many kids really into the show! I'm hopeful for many shows in our future!