Dock Dogs

**The dog in this picture is blind and still competing. Everyone cheered for her. Annnnnddddd... I'm crying.

Although the event is called Dock Dogs, if you have any kind of pet, you should be sure to check this out. Dock Dogs is an event put on annually by Care A Lot. It is a pet expo of all kinds of pet related items. The main event is the competition. Dogs from all around the country come to run on a dock and leap into water as part of a competition. Aside from that there are tons of tents with lots and lots of free samples, events for kids, events for pets, and even a high flying dog show. There is a kissing contest, a costume contest, and even an ice cream eating contest (for dogs, not people!).

For kids there is a face painting, a bounce house, and a kids tent. In the tent are arts and crafts to complete. Each one is a $1.00 donation towards local rescues. Kids can also pick a free book from the REACH program. This year they even had a story time for the kids. I think the highlight though is the High Flyers program. This program takes rescue dogs and trains them to perform. It's awesome. We didn't plan properly and were between shows, so we missed it this year, but we have seen it several times before.

If you missed it this year, be sure to be on the lookout next Spring. It is FREE, you will get a ton of FREE stuff, and there are lots of good sales at Care A Lot.  Look for everything set up across the street from the Diamond Springs location. I also like supporting them because they are a local chain and give back to the community.