Cheers to the Unsung Heros

May is the month of praising moms. We praise our own, our mother in laws, our grandmothers, mother figures. But let's talk about those other moms and friends who make our lives easier.

01. The hand me down clothes mom- This hero doesn't wear a cape, but she should. This is the mom who boxes up their child's clothes and lovingly sends them off to you so you don't have to spend money buying clothes that they will be in for six months. If you are this mom, we salute you. If you have this mom in your life, give her a thank you. 
02. The make you a meal mom- This mom is the one who takes the time from her insanely busy life to bring you a meal after you have your own baby, a death in the family, or you're sick. This might also be the take your kids for a night mom. If you're really lucky like I am, this friend might also come clean your house when you're in a crisis. (I can never thank you enough Nina! I have all the feelings!) This means that this mama took time and resources away from her own family to give them to yours. Cheers to you mama!

03. The wave at your baby mom- Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! This mom waves at your baby or is friendly to her in line at the grocery store, at a restaurant, or the bank. This means that it earns you .5 seconds to complete whatever it is you're trying to do without your toddler screaming like a madwoman.

04. The aunt/best friend who doesn't yet have kids but treats yours like their own- This is the friend who does the diaper change when you're out and you just got your food at a restaurant. The one who pushes the stroller when you're back hurts, who watches the infant when you just need to take a shower. This friend, sister, cousin, is the one who buys the sugar for your kid when you told them no. They are also the ones who buy them their favorite toy on their birthday, who walk them around during a sports game, and who show them off with pride like they are their own. 
05. The practical friend- Oh friend, we salute you in the late hours of the night. The friend who gives you size six diapers at your baby shower... because you will need them eventually. This is the friend who when you say "No more toys!" at the birthday party actually listens and gets sunscreen. This friend's gifts come in handy in the times when you need them most. Toothpaste, sunscreen, diapers, and wipes are the real deal!