Toddler Tuesday: TV Edition

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Okay, let's be real here for a minute. We all know we have to limit screen time. We all probably should cut back some. But sometimes, the T.V. is what works. Sick kid? Rainy day? Cooking dinner and need a distraction? Sometimes the answer is the T.V. Our pediatrician has said one hour a day. You know how my kid is with his trucks. I know- everyone says don't gender your kid, offer both dolls and tools... but this kid only wants the trucks. When I planned his first birthday party, I thought that next year I'd have another theme to look forward to, but nope- looks like it might be trucks again. Good thing I saved most of the decorations!

This is easily the most watched show in our house. It comes on the CW Network, but we watch it on Netflix. There are a few different trucks, including a dump truck, tow truck, backhoe loader.. and more. There is music in this show, which R likes. I'll admit, maybe because I've seen it so much but Chuck annoys me slightly. He is kinda a brat but learns his lessons, so yeah- it's teaching how to be a good person.
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Super Why was the first show we really stumbled upon that caught R's attention. It's a PBS show that takes place in Storybook Village. The characters are common fairy tale characters that look in books to solve their problems. I like it because every episode introduces a new vocabulary word, has a spelling segment, sings the ABC's, and works with rhyming words. In the newer seasons, woofster the dog introduces a new vocabulary word using his dictionary.  If you look at the Virginia SOLs, this pretty much goes along with several of them. It makes text to text and text to self connections. It addresses spelling patterns and rhyming words. It even uses reference resources to define words. When trying to rewrite the story, they use context clues to find meaning. So- the teacher in me loves this show. It has music and bright colors which R love too. And, I'm not kidding, when they sound out the letters, R has copied them sometimes so that's really great.
The last big show for R is Chuggington. This show is "train"ees who are learning how to become real adult trains with full responsibilities. There is some color recognition work, animals are frequent, and the trains learn everyday lessons. Things like following directions, checking what you're doing, and being a true friend.
We do sometimes watch Sesame Street too, which of course is great, but everyone already knows about! If you haven't tried these shows, try them out and let me know how you like them. If you've got more shows that you think we would like, please let me know!