Road Trip to Nationals Park

On Sunday afternoon we drove up to DC to see the Nationals v. Rockies game. When we left, it was 75 degrees here so we wore shorts and t shirts. When we got there it was 43 outside. Whoops. We grabbed blankets and jackets from my car, but I had no pants for Neil and me. But Neil is a huge Rockies fan and we had driven three and half hours, so... in we went, 80% chance of rain and all.
Spoiler alert, it rained! It was freezing! (Notice the other people in the picture in long pants and jackets) But the Rockies won and we all had a good time. It was R's first Major League game. Here are some tips for traveling to the Nat's park.

Expect to pay up to $30.00 cash for parking. Kids 2 and under don't need a ticket to sit on a lap. Bags are allowed, but can't be bigger than 16x16x8. All bags will be searched. Soft sided coolers can be brought in with food in individual sizes. One water bottle per person can be carried in. Strollers can be checked at Guest Services in the outfield. While you're there, if it is your child's first game let them know. They will give you a certificate.

Also in the outfield there is a playground for kids. They let the kids in for ten minutes at a time. It was closed because of the rain while we were there. Right outside of the play area there is a concession stand just for kids called Rookies. Next door there are a few carnival like games.

The Nats have a kids club for ages 12 and under. They will get a backpack, lunch box, coupons, lanyard, and so on. They also have special meet and greets for members. Next to section 223 is a nursing lounge. It has air conditioning and a space for toddlers too. All of the bathrooms also have changing tables, and there are lots of family restrooms around the park. Be on the lookout, a man was walking around handing out free Nats coloring books with crayons. After the game, kids 4-12 can run the bases for free.

Overall the day was a success. The Rockies won, I got my veggie hot dog, and R got to see his first major league game. Last year when the Rockies were in town is was 100 degrees; this time it was freezing. Hopefully next year we have a nice spring day!