Mom Rant Monday

Okay, I was trying to be a little funny with the title, but this is a rant. Spring Break is over and I spent so much time doing cool things with R that I even more am thinking about all of the things that I miss as a working mom. Almost everything to do with toddlers is during the weekday and in the morning. I realize that this is how companies get people into their businesses, because these are the people who are home at this time. I get it, I get it, I get it. But you know what? Missing out on all of this sucks. Where are these after school things for kids? Yes. I know what you're thinking. "Well, by the time you get home, feed them dinner, and take a bath, it's time for bed." I get it. But one night a week I could make something work. Or why not on a Sunday morning? I get it, people should be in church because this is the South and we still live in the 1800's sometimes, but I'd venture to say most people aren't. Look at the wide array of churches closing in this area from low membership. Take a hint places! Most places don't open until noon, and most toddlers are eating and then napping. 
All dressed up, nowhere to go...

I've complained to people about this before. They say "oh, just stay at home!". It isn't that easy I try to tell them. I do actually like working with the kids at my job. It isn't them, I don't hate teaching, none of that... (Although it is hard and I totally stand in support with all of the teachers striking around the country, we get paid crap, parents treat us like crap, administration treats us like crap, kids treat us like crap, the government treats us like crap...) but I do miss my kid. I need good insurance for us, I need money to live and do the things that I want to do. It just sucks that so few places even have these options.
Take this example. The Kroc center has an awesome Toddler Thursday time. During Spring Break they have camps, during the summer they have camps. So when would I ever get to take R? Sure, this is a first world problem, but from what I've seen in some of our local mom groups I'm not alone.

Here is a small list of places that DO have toddler times on weekends or weeknights:

Also, none of these are on Sunday. The only place we have seen that is great for toddlers on a Sunday is The Bunny Hutch and the Train Clubhouse. So shout out to them! 

End Rant.