Lantern Asia

Last time Lantern Asia came into town I was three weeks away from giving birth, and although I wanted to go, I just couldn't drag myself to waddle around to see it. So this year when they announced that the exhibit was coming back I knew I wanted to go. My family (minus Neil!) rounded up and went out even though it was colder than we expected.
We arrived in time for the 6:30 live entertainment. This was comprised of four women who did stunts with Chinese yo-yo's, spinning plates, ropes, and danced. The sun was still out but it was setting behind them as we watched. R was actually watching the show, which as lovely as the girls were, I didn't expect.

As we walked around we saw pandas, fairies, flowers and so on. Many of the exhibits moved. I came with my class on a field trip during the day, but nothing was moving so I didn't expect that.

The exhibit is here until May 13th, so you still have plenty of time to go. They are open Monday - Thursday 9 am-9pm and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm. Garden members can enter for free for day visits before 5:00 pm. Tickets are $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for children 3 and up. Ages 2 and under are free. Tickets can be bought online or at the gardens.  Members can buy up to 6 tickets for a discounted rate. For those who don't want to walk, there is a tram available but you have to book it in advance. There is a food truck on site, which I wanted to have all Asian food. They did have a sign that said they had spring rolls, but also served french fries and popcorn.
The exhibit suffered a little damage from the wind this week, but it was lovely. We have been looking for more active ways to get out and about with the family ever since my cousin Bernadette got us all Fitbits last year and this was a perfect outing to get some steps in.