Today's music is of course The Wobble. Why? Because Fit4Baby is designed for mom-to-be, and we all know once you're pregnant you get that wobble! (Attention: I'm NOT pregnant, but went with a friend  so she could try the class!)  My friend Cayte teaches these in the 360 studio at Macarthur Center, which I did a post on a while back. The classes are 60 minutes and like the other Fit4Mom classes focus on cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility.
I did a lot of thinking back to when I was pregnant. It's so exciting to see moms who are expecting. The excitement of finding out the gender, of discussing delivery, registries. I remember sitting in the rocking chair wondering what my little man would be like. I wish that back then I'd had an outlet of other pregnant women to meet regularly with to keep each other inspired and motivated. Let's face it- staying awake is hard while pregnant. Meeting twice a week to workout? Let's just say these girls are killing it.
The instructor, Cayte put out a sheet of paper for each person. We wrote inspiring notes to each other during the rest periods of tabata. These are nice little momentous for a day when you're feeling down. 
I was super impressed with this workout. I thought it would be much easier since it is designed for pregnant moms in mind. It was still a good workout for me, even without a baby bump. I've mentioned Fit4Mom before. The first workout is always free, so if you're pregnant and interested in trying it out, you can ask me about it, or just show up! I'm thinking about doing the Fit4Mom 8 week transformation that starts mid-April. Someone should do it with me! 
All smiles after a successful workout!