5 Things I Wish I Knew

There are a million parenting books out there. You know what? I read almost none of them. Neil and I read "Punk Rock Dad" which was great and I could relate to a lot both about parenting and teaching, and I read a lot of things online. So, maybe I wasn't ready, but I certainly didn't see these five things in any guides... (Also, special shout out to Jim Lindberg who offered to let me sit side stage while I was 8 months pregnant for the Pennywise show!)

01. You will have a million more conversations and be much more interested in poop. I can't tell you how many times I say "Did you poop?!" We watch for runny poop, hard poop, green poop, all kinds of poop. Moms can tell a ton of stories about poop.

02. Snot. Everywhere. All the time. I'm not a particularly snotty person, so I had no idea... but kids have snot all the time. Literally, all the time. I'm not even sure where it all comes from? 
03. A child's favorite food can change overnight. Those apple slices that your kid demanded yesterday... are now disgusting today. They may have eaten handful after handful yesterday, but today they are downright offended. How dare you even suggest the idea of apple slices! Also, while we are talking about food. Let's talk about how stressful it is to go to dinner with a child. Nothing relaxing about that! 
04. Kid's activities will suddenly become fun again.  Living in Tidewater, I pass construction pretty much every day. Every mile. Every minute. Before having a kid, I would never have been excited about this inconvenience. But now seeing a construction truck is a full on party in our car. We are all so excited. Similarly, I can't say that I am particularly excited about fish. I mean, I don't hate them. They are just not on my life of exciting things. But R loves watching fish, so off to the aquarium we go. When he says "WOW!" I am amazed too. I'm seeing it all through his eyes. 
05. Okay, this is the most real one. Why did no one tell me that I would have to brace myself to jump/sneeze/run/laugh? Who else pees a tiny bit when this happens to suddenly? This certainly was not in any mothering handbook that I read! See, there is even a term for it!