Weekend Round Up

Y'all. This is gross, but I had to share. Our dog spent the weekend throwing up and having diarrhea everywhere. We took him to the vet and apparently he has pancreatitis. I'm not sure what my family has done to upset the pancreas, but most of you know my dad and my grandma both died of Pancreatic Cancer. I was frustrated and upset when I went to pick him up from the vet, and coming home in between the pets, the love, and telling Reggie everything would be okay I called Neil. I heard a noise, but wasn't sure what it was.... and then... the smell. HE WAS PEEING EVERYWHERE IN MY CAR. The vet had given him an IV and it was all coming out... all over my car. I pulled over, got him out, put him on the other side and was trying to clean it up. Pee was literally dripping from my car door. I get back in the car and am racing home and then I smell another smell. A worse smell. A smell that could only have been one thing. Yup- LIQUID poop, all over the back of my car. Neil met me in the driveway with gloves and all kinds of cleaning concoctions. Our "stay in date night" turned into a "stay in and clean up poop night". Romantic. We love this dog though. Our kid loves this dog. He has had an ACL tear, hurt his leg, and had a tumor removed already.  He will be okay, I'm just cooking his own personal meals and stuffing him with meds until he is better.
All this to say, we are laying back this weekend. Today (Saturday) we went to Tot Shabbat services at Beth El where we made plague bags for Passover. We went out to breakfast AND lunch. (I deserve it!) Tomorrow we are headed to Ohef Sholom where Mama Doni and her Bluegrass band is playing for toddlers.
Here are some links to keep you occupied this weekend... 

Book I'm currently reading: The Book Jumper

How to not destroy your clothes when you wash them (Why isn't this part of an adulting class?) 

I need this. I use this 24/7. 

That's it! Enjoy your weekend!