Northside Swim Lessons

I preface this post by saying, this might be the best deal for kids in Tidewater. The price can't be beat. Swim lessons are so important for all kids, but in this area where we have water all around, they are a necessity. Norfolk Public Schools does a good job of having a crash course in swimming as part of its second grade curriculum, but often if kids are afraid of the water, by then it is too late. Also, that leaves a lot of time in between birth-grade two where accidents could happen.
We signed up for the baby and child swim lessons. These are not actual lessons, but more just getting your child used to the water. The earlier you introduce your child to the water the better. It makes bath time easier, pool time safer, and allows kids to enjoy the water.
These lessons are comprised of a few different activities. The first is a song, usually "hokey pokey" to get them wet. Then they practice "throwing" a rubber duck and kicking their legs or moving their arms to get to it. During this time the instructors will allow kids to lie across a floating fish to practice kicking. There are a few songs to help kids lie on their backs and look at the sky- if you know kids and water, this is a hard one. They will sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and tell them to stretch out like a starfish. The kids can "talk to fish" by blowing bubbles through rings and practice jumping in. There is always a goodbye song to finish the class.
This class is by no means a formal class, but at a whopping $25.00 for eight sessions you can't complain. (For non city residents it is $35.00.) There are locker rooms and a family changing room and bleachers for grandparents, friends, or cheer squads to sit and watch.  The classes are 30 minutes and range from baby introduction to fitness swimmers. There are also fitness classes for adults.
If you want to look into the classes with the city, check the Good Times magazine online here. There are four indoor pools: Huntersville, Norfolk Fitness and Wellness, Northside, and Southside. We take ours at the Northside pool.