Modular Railroad Club

The Tidewater Modular Railroad Club is a nonprofit club that promotes the hobby of model railroading and railroad history. The club was formed in 2009 and they set up traveling displays in libraries, schools, malls, nursing homes, and convention centers. Their clubhouse display is free and open to the public. (18 and under must have an adult with them!)
There is a train table for little ones, which R and L loved. The main displays were so intricate and detailed. R's favorite was the train with the construction trucks, shocker. He would follow it along and yell "dig, dig, dig!" The adult's favorite train was the "pregnancy train" which had alternating cars of pickles and ice cream. There were also a few scenes in particular that we laughed at including funerals, people being pulled over, and a village of friendly homeless people.
Their clubhouse display is located in the Fairfield Shopping Center between Rite Aid and Hallmark, and is open to the public. They do have a box for donations. All the people working there are volunteers. They also have a facebook where they list their events!

Wednesday: 10-2
Saturday: 10-4
Sunday 12-4

Upcoming Events:
Denbigh Community Center, Saturday May 12

And, as usual, some tunes for the weekend!