Designer Consignors Children's Spring Sale

Everyone knows that kids don't stay in their stuff long. They have this nasty habit of growing up a size every three months. While kids stuff is super cute, it can also be expensive. Spring is the time for consignment sales, and today we went to the Designer Consignors Children's Sale in Virginia Beach.
Here's the skinny:
March 15: 10AM - 7PM
March 16: 10AM - 7PM
March 17: 8AM - 12PM 
Location: Church of the Ascension, head to the community center in the back. 
Address: 4853 Princess Anne Road, Between Edwin Dr. & Baxter Rd. (across from Kemps Greens Golf Course) Virginia Beach, VA 23462
***On THURSDAY! (Tomorrow!) they have some tickets to reserve your VIP place in line so that you can get in first. 
The items range from maternity for moms, to items for teenagers and everything in between. A heads up, they don't take car seats or some crib bedding because they are really strict about recalls, which is actually a good thing. Everything was really well organized. The owner has a really cute southern accent and the southern hospitality to match. She has done two of these sales a year, one in spring and one in fall, for 23 years. There are usually about 15,000 items on the floor from about 260 consignors. They normally have about 400-500 shoppers, some from out of town... even as far as New York and Massachusetts! The owner is super picky about the quality of what she accepts and is even a little OCD in marking it and organizing it. (I say this as the daughter of super OCD parents... I mean it in the best way!)
This thing wins the award for the coolest thing here. 
If you're looking to sell some of your stuff (which I looked into this because SO many moms in local facebook groups have asked about the best places to sell!) I can tell you that she gives a really high percentage. Lots of their consignors give a portion of their profits to charities including Muscular Dystrophy and Duchenne Dystrophy. They start collecting a few months ahead of time, and info can be found on their website. If you don't have things to sell, but want perks like getting to shop early, you can sign up to volunteer too. 
A couple notes- 
01. They do take credit card. This is awesome because I never carry enough cash around. (Sorry to Bubbie who always has to give me cash, whoops.) 
02. Consignors can set their own prices. 
03. Consignors can choose to mark items down. Friday everything is 25% off, Saturday 50%. (Most do!)
04. Consignors can choose to donate unsold items at the end of the sale. 

Here is our haul:
Not pictured is a chair and two pool toys that have already been stolen for Bubbie's house. All cost us less than $50.00. Score! I'm in LOVE with these high top chucks. I may or may not currently have a very similar pair. Also... this is how we walked around, because, you know... trucks are life.