Toddler Tuesday: Music Edition

We take music pretty seriously around this house. Neil and I both credit our friendship and eventual relationship on our love for alternative music. We started going to shows together, and everything else came from there. We still go to shows, collects records, listen to music podcasts, and a lot of our friends are in the same music scene as we are. R even had a "rock"-a-bye baby shower theme. His bedroom has a guitar hanging, he has band posters above his crib, and he has quite the collection of band onesies. Music helped shaped my political views. It helped mold how I think about humanity and the world. It has furthered my determination for animal rights. It is one of the things that I told nearest and dearest in my life. We are hoping that he grows to love music as much as we do. 
Selfie before Descendents came on! Also, shout out to our Lead Singer Syndrome All Access Club friends. If you like alternative music, check out this podcast. You can join and become one of us! You may recognize the patches from some of R's jackets. 
We have all seen the stats. The craze for a while was for pregnant women to play classical music around their belly. Then everyone said that babies should be listening to classical music as much as possible. Whatever the craze is, we know that music is connected to the brain. 

Here are a few of R's favorite songs. La Bamba because Bambas are his favorite snack. Barbara Ann because "ba ba ba" was some of his first sounds, Blitzkrieg Bob because who doesn't love to run around to that song, Forever Young because we have the book and I hope he listens to the lyrics, My Boy Lollipop because I used to sing it to him, and 1968 because it's perfect car mosh music. What are your kids jamming to?