Root beer floats at Doumars

This weekend Bubbie, R, and I went on a grandma, daughter, grandson date. First stop... the perfect root beer float. My grandfather LOVED root beer floats. (As a side note, I'm not a fan of beer, but if you haven't had a "Not Your Father's Root Beer" Beer, you're missing out. Chelsea and I have made alcoholic floats from it more than once.) We saved the ice cream cones for a warmer time, but we will post on that when it happens! Neil and I hadn't been to Doumars together until recently, but I used to go a lot when I was in middle school. It's open late, so it's great for sharing an ice cream after a date. My mom hadn't been in years, and it was R's first time.
I don't drink a lot of soda, but I love a good root beer float. Heads up, there isn't a lot for vegetarians to eat on their menu, but my mom got the cheeseburger and loved it. She said it was the perfect size. The prices literally can't be beat. The float was $3.80 and the burger $2.80. Their deserts are all made from scratch and are hand made. Heads up, they are closed on Sundays.
Doumars has been open at this location since 1934. It's an old timey diner. The counter wraps around the place, the people are friendly, and the stuff is handmade. If you've never been, you should take the trip. They even have outdoor curb service if you don't want to leave your car. I definitely wouldn't advise letting your toddler drink a float in the car though.
Our review: 
R and I "split" one. By that, I mean that, after the first taste, he climbed across the table and ate the whole thing. After our treats, the three of us headed to ODU for Big Blue's birthday. We only stayed until halftime because it was getting late, but the game was fun. They had free cake and ice cream for the kids and several of Blue's friends were in attendance. 
We love our dates with Bubbie. Another trip to Doumars to come once it is warmer outside!