Chick-Fil-A Family Nights

You may not know it, but several Chick-fil-a restaurants near us have a free kids club. The one in Norfolk doesn't, but it does have a family night. Depending on your store, you can register for the once a month kids club here, or come to the Ghent one in Norfolk for their Wednesday family night. Chick-fil-a is one of the few places that still has a free indoor playground.

I'll admit- the playground was cool, but I made a huge mistake. We met Neil there, and so I let R play before we ate. Mistake... when it came time to eat R didn't want to sit down. Whoops, lesson learned. Needless to say, Neil, Bubbie, and I took turns eating while R played and ate nothing. Also embarrassing- R did great climbing up. But wouldn't go through the tube. He liked just sitting up there and watching the other kids. When I needed to get him down, that meant I had to climb up there in a skirt to get him. Parenting win!
Two Wednesdays a month the store has a craft. One Wednesday they have face painting, and the other a balloon artist. This time was a craft, Valentine's day cards. We made one for Bubbie. R wanted all the stickers and didn't understand when they didn't stick without picking off the back. Norfolk family night is from 5:30-7:30. It gets busy quickly, so go early! Another option is to download the app and order your food there to pick it up.
You may be wondering- what the heck does a vegetarian eat at Chick-Fil-A? I was wondering the same thing when I told Neil about checking it out. They have a yogurt parfait, a side salad, and a super fruit side. Their fries are also fried in a totally different type of oil than their chicken. Who knew? I was impressed that they gave these little placemats to the kids. I didn't even realize until later that they have a sticker side and can stick to the table while he eats!
Talking to some of the people there, I found out that there are lots of people who come weekly. Some of the kids even seemed to know each other. The night was a little stressful since R wouldn't eat, but next time we will know better. Eat first, then play. . Lesson learned! It's a nice free thing to do on a weekday or a rainy day..