The Bounce House

Since we are recently recovering from the snowpocalypse, we have been on the hunt for more indoor places to play. Today we grabbed some friends to check out the Bounce House. This is a review of only the Virginia Beach location.
*Music at the bottom!
We walked in and were greeted immediately by a friendly employee. I was surprised to see that they only had one person working in the entire place. She told us about the toddler price of $5.00. I was impressed that we didn't have to pay for the adults like in some places. There were empty tables for us to put our things and shoe racks for the kids. There was a 3 and under moon bounce with a slide and another more difficult obstacle course like the one  for under 3. The older kids had taller and steeper slides, more obstacle courses, and other moon bounces. In all, there were 11 inflatables. Adults are allowed into these, but only for assistance, not to bounce.
For those who don't like to bounce, and probably where our group spent the most time, was the floor play area. This area has cars, kitchens, trucks (which R found immediately), slides, and other toddler appropriate items. There are couches for parents around also, and you can see some of us took advantage of that.
I thought the website was confusing. The Bounce Houses are privately owned franchises, but the websites are linked. When I clicked on this location, I could see the various specials, but nowhere did it say a price for little ones. The website hasn't been updated since January 2017. This means a full year. Previous to that, the last update was in April 2016. Doesn't seem to be updated frequently. I'd check out their Facebook for more up to date info. It seems to be updated regularly.
Another weird thing is that multiple times on the website it mentions physical activity for kids. However, smack in the middle of the place there was a t.v. with a movie. Several kids were zoned out, staring at the t.v. I know that I'm strict about the television, but I feel like if you want to get kids moving, you've gotta turn it off.

Things to know: 

  1. Socks are required;  they do sell them there. 
  2. Snacks are sold on the premises. 
  3. Bounce House has both birthday party packages and private room rentals. This includes a back room with private bounce houses. 
  4. On Tuesdays there is a homeschool special all where kids can get in for $5.50 all day. 
  5. Bounce House has a program called Autism Buddies, where parents of children with Autism can drop their children off with a buddy for some bounce time. Website for this is here
Although I've liked having the break, I'm glad the snow is melting. These kids need to get back into school so that we don't have make up days until July. Teachers don't want to make up the days either, trust me. In the meantime, we will continue to post indoor ideas of things to do!