The Book Exchange

The Book Exchange was one of our favorite places pre-baby and remains a favorite still. It is great for several reasons. First, all books are half off. Second, you an bring in used CDs, DVD's, Blu-rays, as well as books to trade in for store credit. Third, once a month they do a charity sale for a local charity. During these sales, you can get a box of things for only $7.00. I tell every new teacher that I meet to flock to this. SEVEN DOLLARS for a BOX packed of items. I've built my entire classroom library from these sales. (Note: You can't use store credit for the charity sales, because well... it goes to charity!) They also have lots of local author signings, so follow them on Facebook if you're interested.

 There are a couple ways to get a free book from The Book Exchange:

  1. Trade in old stuff for store credit. They will give you a card that you can build on and use whenever; it doesn't have to be the same day. 
  2. If your city participates in Recycle Perks, sign up! All you do is list your house, and when you put out your recycle bin  you get credit. Local businesses give incentives to recycle, and The Book Exchange is one of them! (Seriously- if you don't have this you're missing out. There are several free things on here.) You can trade in recycle points for a free kid's book.
  3. Study! When students bring their report card in, they can trade their good grades for book credit! 
  4. Check their Facebook for their monthly "trade" item. 
We love this place for all of the reasons above, and really where else will you find the MTV Top Hits of 2000 Karaoke CD, but we also love that they have a children's area. In the back of the store you'll find a little padded area with toys, a chalk board to draw on, and a table to read at. R immediately flocks to the trucks. This makes this an easy stop for us. We can take books in to trade, and while they look them over, R can play. I've even sat and read while he played. If you have books, records or videos that you're looking to get rid of, or are looking for somewhere to get out of the house on a rainy day, this is the perfect place. If you're not in Norfolk, they have a brand new location in Virginia Beach. They are located outside of Lynnhaven Mall in the old Volume Records location. If you check it out, let me know how you like the VB location. We haven't made it out there yet.
Check out this book couch. I love it! 

I love this song so much. It feels like the perfect song to snuggle into a book with. I know it's old... but this album is awesome.