Selden Market: Wizarding Wonderland

On this cold and rainy morning we joined some friends to check out downtown Norfolk's Selden Market for a special Harry Potter event. This event, put on by the Slover Library and the Generic Theater, is happening all day, so if you or your kid loves Harry Potter... run, walk, or fly down there. (Scroll to the  bottom for your theme music!)

This owl is from Wildlife Response who help injured, displaced, or orphaned wildlife.
No Harry Potter event is complete without being sorted, owls, and wand making. If you'd like, you can take a trip through Diagon Alley into the Slover Library- check out their kids floor and play scape. 
There are lots of events happening throughout the day. Special attention to the photo ops inside the cafe and the children activities in Slover. If you've never had butterbeer, go get it!  Check everything out on your Marauder's Map. Lots of the vendors got into the spirit too. I had never been into this market, but it is pretty cool. The market has low rents for new businesses and short term leases so that businesses can learn and build with low risk. There is a community feel so that the companies can support and learn from one another. You can check out their website here. 
This company "For All Handkind" hosts monthly Crafternoons in the market. Currently they are for adults, but she said she is looking into some for children also. 
Upcoming events: 
  • December 13- Meditation Medication
  • December 16- Holiday Ornament Crafternoon
We also played for a few minutes at the MacArthur Mall playground. If you haven't read that post, check it out here! Happy Saturday!