Raleigh Park

We recently spent a blustery morning at Raleigh Park near Ghent in Norfolk. This park is bigger than what I expected for a neighborhood park. I've also been on this street a hundred times and never even noticed it. It's got two play structures, one for little kids and one for bigger kids. There were about six families at the park on this Sunday morning, which made it more fun for playing. (Side note: I know it always looks like we are alone everywhere we go, but I try not to get other kids in pictures. I get it- not everyone posts their kids everywhere online! )
What impressed us the most was the huge hill.  R ran up the hill..... 
and then tried to SLIDE down.... so much dirt on the butt! So many leaves in the diaper! You may think that a hill is just a big pile of dirt, but to a 1.5 year old it's like a mountain, and this one was the perfect size for him. We took turns chasing him up and down. A good calf workout for me while in boots! Fit4Mom actually has classes here during the warmer months. 
We did eventually get him to roll down the hill, which he thought was hilarious. I didn't think it was so funny when he got up and was stumbling around, but Neil enjoyed himself. (Okay... maybe I did a little bit.) 
On the other side of the hill were some swings and the typical bouncies. After seeing a "one swinger at a time" sign, I was amazed to find out that Neil didn't know what spider swinging was. We did this all the time as a kid! 
Across the way there was also a large area that used to be a sand volleyball court which is now a big sand pit for kids to play in. This seems cool, but we didn't check it out as R was already covered in dirt and leaves and we were headed somewhere else after. Sure- boys will be boys, but mama is a little picky and sand isn't one of the thing I want in my car.
Another dad was nice enough to volunteer to snap a family photo for us. It's awesome because I'm not usually in the pictures. Any other moms feel this way? I've got hundreds of pictures of R with everyone else... not so many with me. I've tried since I started this blog to make a real effort to change that! We are enjoying checking out so many of our local parks. They all have some similar aspects, but we are finding that each one does have something different.