FunVille: VB

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We spent the morning with friends at the Virginia Beach Funville playground. The playground is in the Holland Plaza Shopping Center, not too far from Town Center. We arrived right at 10:00 when they opened, and several cars were in the parking lot waiting, but it didn't feel over crowded and we only had to wait a minute to be checked in. 
Toddler Playground:
The 4000 square foot indoor play area has an ocean theme, and it reminded me very much of the old school Discovery Zone. If you're my age- you'll remember some of the signature features; the metal slide, the "speed slide", and such... much of the same items were here. The first floor was what they call their toddler area. With the toddler wristband, they are able to go into the designated toddler playground, but also anything on the ground floor. This includes some climbing areas, a "balance beam" and the ball pit. When the employee told me about the ball pit, I was thinking old school MacDonalds ball pit. But this area is full of soft balls that kids put into machines that throw them into the air, guns to shoot them at one another, and aim for them to get into a top basket which empties and dumps onto the kids. Not what I had imagined, but still fun. 

Opposite from the play area is the Ninja Warrior Course for bigger kids and adults and the bumper cars. There are also a few of the little $1.00 ride cars and trucks. Funville has a kitchen where they serve pretty standard food; see the menu below. They also have several birthday party rooms, and they offer different themed parties. 

Once kids are 34 inches tall, they are allowed to head up on the second floor. Just be aware, parents are not allowed up, which means your little one is going up alone! I know that R wouldn't go up without me, and with him being so little, I'm not sure he is ready to climb that high alone! Once he gets older though, I'm sure he will love it. 
  • Toddler Play ground- $6.00
  • Kids Play ground- $12.50
  • 1 Bumper car ride- $5.00
  • Ninja Course (unlimited for the day)- $12.50
They also offer different packages with combinations of the different areas. 
Heads up, Mondays- 10% Military discount, Tuesdays- Toddler Tuesdays, for $10.00 you get the play ground, a slice of pizza, and a juice box. Also, be sure to wear socks, as they are a requirement for parents and kids! There are several tables to leave your items at, and I even saw some adults working on computers while their kids played. R and I were both exhausted afterwards... perfect time for a nap!