Bluestone Ave. Playground

We stumbled upon this little playground recently. It's right by ODU and would make an awesome side trip before or after a football game since it is right behind the stadium. It is technically listed as a dog park and it is completely fenced in, but they do ask that the dog stay on a leash. Poop bags are available, and there is a water fountain for people- bring a bowl to put pet's water in. The main structure is a little pirate ship which I thought was cute and would amaze any pirate crazy kid. R really enjoyed walking up and sliding down.
The other structure had a REALLY steep first step. I mean, like, it was hard for me and my little legs. Who are these people building for? Where are these giant long leg kids? There is also this round thing that spins. We didn't figure out it spun until Chelsea and R were sitting on it! 
Another pro is that the area is well shaded. (You can tell from the leaves on the ground!) The park was clean and well maintained. Trash cans and picnic tables were available. Behind the park is a large field where people sometimes play frisbee or football. There are also big kid and toddler sized swings. As Sara stated below, (thanks!) this is where Fit4Mom Stroller Strides starts and ends. Start time is 9:30. A friend of mine teaches for Fit4Mom as I shared in the MacArthur Mall 360 studio post here
This is a really cute neighborhood style park.   I really like that all of the neighborhood parks in this area have something different. Something to be aware of - there is only street parking, and where we parked was one hour only. If you're there for an ODU event you can park in the garage and walk over, but otherwise I wouldn't advise the risk of being ticketed. The park was empty while we were there, but I imagine that it gets regular use by the neighborhood. We hope next time there are more kids out and about!